About Us

Who are we and what are we all....

We Create Opportunities for Candidates & Businesses

“On Purpose Staffing and Recruiting Agency, LLC was established with the purpose to partner with companies to assist with recruiting for permanent placement, RPO¬† (Outsourcing Recruiting), and Sourcing Services; as well as staff for temporary and contingent positions. We are unique because we specialize in Coaching Talent and Small Business Development. We recruit and source to fill Corporate, IT, HR, Healthcare, and Engineer positions, but we also provide customized customer support staffing and services across a broad range of skill sets and industries.”

Our Senior Recruiter has been in Recruiting for over 10 Years placing over 3,000 clerical, technical, and professional employees with major corporations.


Our 5 Core Values

1. Genuinely take care of others and we will be taken care of.

2. Always value people more than profit.

3. Inspire others to grow, know their worth and value their skills.

4. Value ethics and know that a good name is more valuable and precious than fine gold.

5. Help others reach their goals and by doing so we will always reach ours.

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